At Big Block Realty California's Top 100% Commission Real Estate brokerage, we take your success very seriously! With our "Agents First" mentality we are always striving to help our Agents prosper! With that said we are proud to offer some of the top real estate training in the country.

With everything from "Social Media Domination" to "The Winning Mindset", Big Block Real Estate trainings are a hit amongst all our Agents!


Advanced Social Media Training Online Lead Generation Top Trainers in the Country

Should Agents be using social media, you ask? Facebook, YouTube and Twitter? Yes! There has been a fundamental shift in how businesses reach customers, and more importantly how Real Estate Agents reach buyers and sellers. Think outside your traditional marketing box. The answer is not sending pumpkins out on Halloween.

Social Media for Real Estate Agents is alive with conversations, and Internet marketing isn't just about selling things online anymore. Social media is changing the landscape for Agents and you can't afford to miss this! Make absolutely no mistake, Social Media, Social Networking and Social Interaction is the future of Business Marketing and should be exploited to its fullest potential.

At Big Block Realty, California's Favorite 100% Commission Real Estate Brokerage we know that social media has arrived and not only is it here to stay, it is the future of how we communicate and how we generate new clients and business opportunities. Social media is one of the strongest ways to market your real estate business to local, national and international buyers and sellers.

When you join Big Block Realty and start earning 100% commission you will have direct access to the top social media training and strategies that are virtually guaranteed to increase your business right away!

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The Winning Mindset Training With Top Thought Leaders

Your mind is the most powerful tool that you own; most people don't understand how incredibly powerful it is. All of the world's top thought leaders will tell you that success in Real Estate and any other busines is always 80% mindset.

Now more than ever, if you are a real estate professional, your mindset is your most powerful asset, it can determine how much money you make, how big your business grows. People with a strong and positive mindset will always will continuously outperform the others.

Mindset is a subject that can't be ignored as it is vital to your' success and that's why we provide you with the world's best mindset training. We have established relationships with the top thought leaders on earth today so we can consistently support you in all your goals.

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Top Producer Sales Training Get More Yes's

Learning how to convert leads into more closed real estate transaction is one of the most important skill sets we must have as Agents. The countries most successful real estate Agents have mastered the art of sales.

Closing real estate transaction these days requires more than simply showing your prospect some properties. As professionals we must learn all aspects of the sales process. It is of the utmost importance that we use all the different tools and technology available to help get more yes's from our clients and prospects.

Needless to say, sales training is a fundamental piece to having continued success in any profession. At Big Block Realty we pride ourselves in offering world class training to all of our Agents.

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Conquering Contracts

As we all know contracts are a fundemental of every California Real Estate Agents business. In this training series our Broker and California Real Estate Attorney will cover all the ins and outs of various contracts and disclosures.

We make sure that you are up to speed on all the documents you use on a daily basis and are able to effectively communicate them to your clients.

Join Big Block Realty California's Top 100% Commission Real Estate Brokerage.

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